Bass Strait Maritime Centre

Macro Monday Series: Week 3

During our Macro Mondays Series we share a macro shot of something in our collection on Mondays for you to guess. We then give you the answer on Wednesdays. Then, our Curator Jaydeyn, tells you a bit about the item in detail on Thursdays. This is a fantastic way for you to get to know our collection from the comfort of your own home. 
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On Mondays we will now be bringing you a macro shot of an object in our collection. The challenge? You’ve got to guess what it is, with as much detail as possible!We will reveal the object and tell its story on Wednesdays.

Have a good guess before scrolling down for the answer!

THE ANSWER: This week was one of the tricky ones – if you guessed the material, good job. If you guessed the type of object, great job! We are so very proud of this window in our collection. It was salvaged from the Grand Hotel when it was demolished in 1968. It was positioned over the Rooke Street entrance to the hotel in its glory days. Mr Gordon Ibbott, a local builder, who had helped demolish the hotel, donated it to the museum after he retired. This window is on display in the Harbour Master’s House section of the museum – when we open again it is well worth a look! Until then, learn more about the very impressive Grand Hotel from our Curator in the below video!

BSMC Historical Collection BSMC.4106