Bass Strait Maritime Centre

Tasmania’s Forgotten Emu with David Maynard

Tasmania’s extinct emu is less well known than the iconic thylacine, yet is just as deserving of recognition. Recent research has aged skeletal material, and DNA work has shed light on the relationships between populations. There are many theories as to why the emu became extinct so soon after European arrival in Tasmania. David Maynard will review the Tasmanian emu and current research results and discuss the drivers for extinction.

David has been the Curator of Natural Sciences at QVMAG for six years, and in this role, he works to preserve a record of Northern Tasmania’s biodiversity. Prior to taking on this role he was an academic at the Australian Maritime College and the University of Tasmania where he specialised in fishing gear technology, by-catch reduction and marine biodiversity. The role of curator has allowed David to do something he enjoys – continuing to learn. He has a growing understanding of terrestrial rather than marine fauna and is focusing on Northern Tasmania’s insect and spider diversity. He also investigates Tasmania’s past, trying to understand how Tasmania has changed over the last 50,000 years.

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Tuesday March 26, 7 pm start
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Image Credit: Baudin’s Emus