Bass Strait Maritime Centre

1940’s Model Diving Cylinder

The Bass Strait Maritime Centre houses an extensive maritime collection

Most items of which have been donated over the years by local members of the community.
Recently we received a donation of an early 1940’s model ‘diving’ cylinder, with a 1953 Sea Lion diving regulator attached.
Both of these pieces were once used in Devonport on a regular basis for the Devonport Marine Board.
Interestingly enough, the ‘diving’ cylinder was actually a Siebe Gorman unit, orginally intended for use in fighter aircraft for oxygen.
Many S.Gorman units were repurposed for diving once Cousteau Gagnan breathing apparatuses became readily available in the 1940’s.
Thank you to our item donor, who disclosed this information to us, and allowed us to make a include a fantastic piece in our maritime collection.

Photo credit: Kelly Slater, 2018