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Securing the port

SIGN NUMBER 3 – Securing the port

Access to the sea baths was by a life membership of five shillings. There were nine female and nine male dressing rooms. The depth of water was approximately 3 metres at high tide and the cleaning of the water was done twice a day by tidal movement.

Learning to swim. BSMC-3993.

Strict protocol of gender separation was applied, and it wasn’t until 1910 that mixed bathing was allowed.  Learn-to-swim lessons for children were conducted on a regular basis with the use of a pole and an inner tube on a rope. Learn more about the Torquay Swimming Baths by clicking here.

The Torquay Baths to the left. Victoria Hotel to the right. BSMC-4003.

There are several houses in the area dating from 1857: the closest being No 5 Drew Street with some of the old original 1850 shop fronts in Church and Pardoe Streets.

The removal of Police Point happened gradually over time. The final configuration — as it is today — was achived in 1969.

Police Point excavation, 1969. BSMC-4007.


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