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Lost and Found with Scott F. Pooke

Lost and Found: the odyssey of Liberty Bell 7

July 21 1961, America’s second man in space, Gus Grissom splashes down in the Atlantic after a 15 minute flight into space. The mission over, he awaits helicopter recovery.
Within minutes of splashdown, a malfunction will see Grissom fighting for his life and his spacecraft lost to the depths of the ocean.
Less than two hours after touching the darkness of space, Liberty Bell 7 lies locked in the darkness of the Atlantic, 3 miles deep, all but forgotten as the space programme moves forward.
This programme examines the flight, the loss of the spacecraft, the unprecedented effort to raise and preserve the craft once called NASA’s lost child and presents new theories for the loss of America’s second manned spacecraft.

Tuesday 27 November, 7 pm
Bass Strait Maritime Centre
Gold coin donation; supper provided
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Image Credit: NASA [Public domain]