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Wood’s Point Slipway

Wood’s Point Slipway has had a rich history

First known as Thomas’ Point, the Wood’s Point Slipway has had a rich history. In 1882, 21 year old Harry Wood began to build a shipyard and slipway at Wood’s Point, having completed his apprenticeship in the industry under Shipwright John Griffiths on Victoria Parade. Harry didn’t just build or repair vessels; he also had an excellent reputation for lengthening vessels. This involved cutting a vessel in half and building an extension in the middle. The Wood’s Point Slipway is still in use today and mostly undertakes repair work on Tasmanian vessels.

Image Credit: Employees of Woods Point Slipway. Master Shipwright Harry Wood is standing on the ladder in this image. BSMC Historical Collection BSMC.2017.1993