Bass Strait Maritime Centre

Vino & The Visual: Johnno Johnstone

‘Vino & the Visual’ brings us the opportunity to visually translate the brilliant tale of ‘Johnno Johnstone’ – who donned a 76kg upright divers suit & walked the floor of the Bass Strait circa 1937. This proved a successful and skilled effort in fixing the one phone cable that lay between Tasmania & the mainland prior to WWII.

Within his story lay not only the the brave plight of human against nature, but, human joined with nature – as a legacy unfolds through Johnno’s journey of kinship found with creatures of the shallows & deep, all the while slowly & steadily moving beneath the Julie Burgess (*which Johnno described on a calm day as being “underwater cable skiing” ????).

We also have the very exquisite bonus of BSMC Project Officer & Printmaker: Sarah Mae Beckett, co-creatively collaborating with Elysium Greene to produce the base artwork from this historic exploration, which we will be working from during the workshop.

We will be revealing that groovy creative newness in hyperlapse film style very soon! Stay tuned

Until then….

Think: octopi, tentacles, seaweed, & all hues/tints/tones of oceanic flux & flow!

When: 31 March 2020 @ 6 pm
Where: 6 Gloucester Avenue, Devonport
Cost: $60.00 pp; all materials and glass of vino included
Bookings Essential: 03 6424 7100 or

Writing & Image provided by Elysium Greene