Bass Strait Maritime Centre

Macro Monday Series: Week 6

During our Macro Mondays Series we share a macro shot of something in our collection on Mondays for you to guess. We then give you the answer on Wednesdays. Then, our Curator Jaydeyn, tells you a bit about the item in detail on Thursdays. This is a fantastic way for you to get to know our collection from the comfort of your own home. 
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Looks like another woven object today… I wonder what it could be?
Have a good guess before scrolling down for the answer!


This week we chose yet another textile based item from the collection, and yep, you guessed right, it was the diving suit that we proudly have on display near our Johnno Johnstone exhibition interpretation. This sort of diving suit was very similar to what Johnno would have used for his walk along the bottom of Bass Strait. “The bottom of Bass Strait!?” I hear you say? Keep an eye out for the Curator’s video tomorrow to learn a little more about the diving suit and Johnno.

Full Suit Photo: Kelly Slater