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Wood’s Point Slipway

Wood’s Point Slipway has had a rich history First known as Thomas’ Point, the Wood’s Point Slipway has had a rich history. In 1882, 21

Nairana 1936

A strong wave struck the Nairana Just off Port Phillip Heads on April 12 1936, a strong wave struck the Nairana, tipping her over for

William Berryman Hero 1943

William Berryman awarded in 1943 for selflessly diving overboard to save a life We were recently fortunate enough to have this wonderful bravery award donated

1940’s Model Diving Cylinder

The Bass Strait Maritime Centre houses an extensive maritime collection Most items of which have been donated over the years by local members of the

S.S. Dimboola

Tasmania has long been a port of call for cruise ships. The ‘S.S. Dimboola’, pictured here, did 12 day Tourist Cruises throughout Bass Strait in

Mersey Yacht Club

You may not know it, but the Mersey Yacht Club had very humble beginnings. On November 12, 1923 a group of men met in Curwen’s

The Choiseul

The ‘Choiseul’ was a wooden ketch built at the Wood’s Point Slipway in 1914. It is believed that it was built for a company in