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The Mersey River Ferry

The Mersey River Ferry began when Devonport was known as Torquay (east) and Formby (west), in 1855 with an official licence awarded to Mr Andrews.

Three Burgess vessels in Mersey River

The Burgess Family

The Burgess family is one of Tasmania’s best-known seafaring families.  Richard Burgess, a Devonshire seafarer, came to the colonies in the early 1800s and set

The Torquay Swimming Baths

On Saturday the 11th of February 1888, a special meeting was held by shareholders of the Torquay Bathing Company, a company which had been created

Mining on the West Coast

In 1883, the first pegging of the Mount Lyell fields took place when three gold diggers staked a 50-acre claim in what is now known

Annie Cocker

Born in 1857 to David and Clara Cocker, Annie was one of eight daughters, two of whom died in infancy, and five sons.  David Cocker was one of the