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The Julie Bugess: The Last of the Bass Strait Burgess Ketches

A testament to her sturdy construction and the skill of her skippers and crews, for more than four decades the Julie Burgess fished the notorious waters of Bass Strait.

Five generations of the Burgess family traded and fished in the waters of Bass Strait for over a century, operating a fleet of ketches that worked out of Northern Tasmania and later Westernport Bay in Victoria. The ketches they – and many others built and sailed – were the work-horses of early coastal settlements; carrying timber, farm produce, and other cargoes along the coast and across Bass Strait before there were ports, roads, railways, and bridges. They were designed to meet the demands of trading and fishing in challenging seas; they were sturdily built and looked after like yachts.

The Julie Burgess was the last of the Burgess ketches to be built. Now beautifully restored and open to the public, it is the only traditional sailing ketch working the Bass Strait.

Run time: 12 mins