The museum houses permanent and temporary exhibition spaces. Each room within the Harbour Master’s Residence has a different theme, exploring Devonport’s local history or the maritime history of the Bass Strait. We hold the only builder’s models of the Empress of Australia and the Princess of Tasmania. Did you know Devonport’s cement and limestone industry contributed to the construction of the Sydney Harbour Bridge? Or, that the first steam car in the southern hemisphere was built in Devonport? Many more stories and interactive displays are to be found within.

Our new wing houses temporary and travelling exhibitions, shipwreck tales from the Strait, Joshua Slocum’s circumnavigation story, a 1920s diving suit, and much more. For the current temporary exhibition scroll down.

‘Take the Helm’ of the SS Woniora Simulator Experience and test your skills by bringing a steamship into the Mersey River or through the heads of Port Phillip Bay.

The Signal House sits in Joshua Slocum Park and in good weather we hoist the flags. Did you know that when there is a gaff on a flagpole, that the Australian Flag is always flown from it? If there isn’t a gaff, the Australian Flag is flown from the highest position. Can you read the International Code of Signals Flags? Click here to see a chart.

Current Exhibitions

INSTRUMENTAL: Navigating and Communicating on the High Seas

December 2021 – July 2022

For over 120 000 years, people have set oar and sail to new homes. These great migrations began with the exploration of rivers, lakes, and oceans. Navigating these waters was a skill using memory, mathematics, and science. Clever people developed knowledge and tools to measure and track their environment. Here, we explore the histories and ways of using the navigation and communication instruments from our collection.

Photography Credits

  • Banner Image: Kelly Slater
  • Current Exhibition: ANMM