Bass Strait Maritime Centre

Category: Torquay Heritage Trail

Legacy of Tea Tree Lane

SIGN NUMBER 7 – End of Tea Tree Lane Directly in front of you, are the remains of a small bay where Edward Higgs built

Rounds, wrecks and railways

SIGN NUMBER 6 – Rounds, wrecks and railways Devonport Golf Club This early Tasmanian golf club originally opened in 1921, because of a group of

Experiments and estuary training

SIGN NUMBER 5 – Experiments and estuary training Training Wall The training wall at East Devonport is a breakwater made of stone. Situated on the

Developers and dredges

SIGN NUMBER 4 – Developers and dredges Dredging of the Estuary Attempts to dredge the Mersey River were ineffective, so in 1880 the Marine Board

Securing the port

SIGN NUMBER 3 – Securing the port Access to the sea baths was by a life membership of five shillings. There were nine female and

Crossing the River

SIGN NUMBER 2 – Crossing the River The first ship builder on the Mersey was John Drake who built barges in the 1850s to lighter

Pioneering spirits

SIGN NUMBER 1 – Pioneering spirits The first Church of England services in the area were held at Police Point in the early 1850s at