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Three Burgess vessels in Mersey River

The Burgess Family

The Burgess family is one of Tasmania’s best-known seafaring families.  Richard Burgess, a Devonshire seafarer, came to the colonies in the early 1800s and set

Mining on the West Coast

In 1883, the first pegging of the Mount Lyell fields took place when three gold diggers staked a 50-acre claim in what is now known


William Aikenhead was born in Launceston in 1842.  As a young man he worked for an insurance company, before joining the Examiner newspaper where his

The Thistle

John Drake was a Scottish ship’s carpenter who left his ship in Melbourne and prospected in the Victorian goldfields in the 1850s, before being brought

The Band Rotunda

While the building of a band rotunda was initially suggested in 1907, it wasn’t until 1913 that the idea came to fruition. In order to


Lorinna was built at Grangemouth Dockyard, Grangemouth in Scotland in 1937 for the Holyman Line.  Before she was built a model of the ship was


The Naracoopa, built by E.A. Jack in Launceston in 1940, was a 297 ton auxiliary ketch: that is, she combined both sail and engine.  This

The S.M.H.T. aka the Annie

Built in Auckland in 1879, the Annie, as she was then known, was a 41 ton ketch with a chequered career. In 1895 the Annie