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The Mersey River Ferry

The Mersey River Ferry began when Devonport was known as Torquay (east) and Formby (west), in 1855 with an official licence awarded to Mr Andrews.

Torquay Heritage Trail

Legacy of Tea Tree Lane

SIGN NUMBER 7 – End of Tea Tree Lane Directly in front of you, are the remains of a small bay where Edward Higgs built

Torquay Heritage Trail

Rounds, wrecks and railways

SIGN NUMBER 6 – Rounds, wrecks and railways Devonport Golf Club This early Tasmanian golf club originally opened in 1921, because of a group of

Torquay Heritage Trail

Experiments and estuary training

SIGN NUMBER 5 – Experiments and estuary training Training Wall The training wall at East Devonport is a breakwater made of stone. Situated on the

Torquay Heritage Trail

Developers and dredges

SIGN NUMBER 4 – Developers and dredges Dredging of the Estuary Attempts to dredge the Mersey River were ineffective, so in 1880 the Marine Board

Torquay Heritage Trail

Securing the port

SIGN NUMBER 3 – Securing the port Access to the sea baths was by a life membership of five shillings. There were nine female and