Annie Cocker

Born in 1857 to David and Clara Cocker, Annie was one of eight daughters, two of whom died in infancy, and five sons.  David Cocker was one of the pioneers of the North West Coast. He and his brothers owned a fleet of vessels which sailed between the Mersey River and Port Phillip in Victoria, and he was also Master […]

Historic Homes Post Cards by Kathleen Cocker

In 1972, Kathleen Cocker, a descendant of early settler David Cocker, published her book ‘Early Houses of the North West Coast of Tasmania’. These images are just a fraction of the buildings she painted. To learn more about the Cocker Family, click here. Measurements: (LxW) 148 mm x 104 mm

The Thistle

John Drake was a Scottish ship’s carpenter who left his ship in Melbourne and prospected in the Victorian goldfields in the 1850s, before being brought to Torquay in 1855 by David Cocker to build barges.  These barges were used to take produce from Cockers Creek and Deans Point to larger vessels anchored outside the Mersey […]

Torquay Stories

26 July 2019– 2 February 2020 Explore stories of courage and commitment, strength and resilience, and unknown gems on the eastern side of the Mersey River. In late 2019, the temporary exhibition space held a local history-focussed exhibition on the little told story of Torquay (East Devonport prior to 1890). These days, West Devonport gets […]


Our Collections The Bass Strait Maritime Centre’s Collection houses artefacts, stories and is a source of knowledge, ideas, stories and memories. It is a repository developed as a resource to inspire and educate the community and visitors. A key focus of the collection is to contribute to the interpretation and preservation of the history and […]

Local History Archives

Historical and Maritime Archives The museum holds the local historical and maritime archives for the Devonport region. These paper and photographic records were compiled over many years by the Devon Historical Society which amalgamated with the Maritime Museum in 1999. These local archives are available for viewing on request. It is essential that you book […]

Winspear & Bovill Wedding

In 1914 at St Paul’s Church in East Devonport, Winifred Annie Winspear married Harry Yvon Bovill. The wedding and reception were extravagant, with pricey extras ranging from a fur edged train on Winifred’s dress, to a 4 tier wedding cake. The newspaper article pictured to the right reads below; “WEDDING BELLS. BOVILL—WINSPEAR. At St. Paul’s […]

Tarleton Mines

In the 1840s the Mersey Valley coal deposits were discovered by William Dean and Benjamin Cocker. This led to the first mine being opened in 1851 and many more followed. The Tarleton mines were founded by Welsh miner Zephaniah Williams. Zephaniah had been arrested in the UK on a charge of high treason in connection […]